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 Joining a Lodge

Each man, it is said, comes to Masonry when he is ready. There may have been some change in your life to prompt your recent look into the world’s oldest fraternity. Perhaps a relative mentioned his involvement to you; perhaps you stumbled across a video on YouTube, or a mention in popular films such as “National Treasure” or books like “The Lost Symbol”. 

In any event, something has encouraged you to look deeper into Masonry and its impact on the world. This section of the website has been designed to give potential candidates an overview of what the membership process looks like. It isn’t meant to be a complete overview, but those of us who have undergone the process understand that joining a new group can be daunting. In this short segment, we will attempt to reassure candidates on what to expect and why. 


 Contacting the Lodge 

Joining a new group is never easy. You can do research online or in books as much as possible, but taking that first actual step can be intimidating. Candidates worry that they won’t be good enough or they will make some mistake. Rest assured everyone is here to help. The first step is to read our website, especially our FAQ, thoroughly. If what you see is appealing, the next step is to petition for membership. The best way is to speak to an existing member of the lodge who will be more than happy to answer whatever questions he can. However, we understand that this may not be possible for some potential applicants. So in response, we have included a contact email (there is a link on this page's right-hand menu bar). Your email will be directed to the lodge secretary who will respond to your query as soon as possible. 

We pride ourselves at Prince of Wales Lodge for having the most open and welcoming application process for candidates; our goal is to answer every inquiry within 24 hours. Note that contacting the lodge with a question or for more information is NOT an application, but simply an indication that you are interested in possible membership (you haven’t committed to anything at this stage).


 The Application Form 

After speaking to the lodge secretary you will be sent an application via email, fax, or post mail. It will ask for some general details such as your name, address, and contact information. When completed and returned, it will be reviewed and an interview will be arranged. All personal information is held in the strictest confidence by the lodge. No part of it will ever be used for any other purpose than the application process. 


 The Interview 

This is an opportunity to meet some of the Masons from the lodge and to find out if joining our lodge is a good fit for both you and for us. It’s not a “grilling” designed to test you on your Masonic knowledge: we are simply trying to determine your interest in Masonry and address any questions that you may have. Interviews generally take place in the applicant’s home and we strongly encourage any interested partners or family members to attend. Masonry never comes before a man’s family responsibility so part of the interview committee’s job is to address any concerns or questions that family members may have. 

The interview will cover such topics as your interest in the fraternity, how you came to know of it, and why you petitioned Prince of Wales Lodge in particular. Again, it’s more of a discussion than an actual interview, where everyone gets a chance to address any issues and have questions answered. The interview committee will then report the results to the lodge and give their assessment as to the candidate’s suitability. 


 Voting on an Application 

After hearing the investigation committee’s report the lodge members will vote on the candidate, either accepting or rejecting his application. By far, this is the most uncertain part of the process for many candidates, as it may take a few weeks before you hear back from the lodge. If you have any concerns during this time, simply give our secretary a call and he will do his best to provide you with an update of your application's progress. 


 The Initiation 

No, no, we won’t be giving away any secrets here! Rather, we’ll just outline in broad strokes what happens next. After an application is voted on and accepted, the candidate is contacted and given the date for his initiation. On this date, he presents himself at the lodge to undergo his entrance into Masonry, as millions of men before him have. For some this will be their first visit to the temple in which we meet, while others may have visited with us during the process (this pre-initiation meeting is strictly a matter of scheduling and opportunity; please don’t feel slighted if you didn’t have the chance to visit us before your initiation.) 

On the day of your initiation, it is not unusual to be nervous. Rest assured that all members of Prince of Wales Lodge experienced similar feelings prior to their initiations and we understand your emotions. Everyone wants to see you succeed and enjoy your experience. We take a man’s entrance into our lodge and fraternity very seriously and it is the responsibility of our members to ensure that you have a positive and rewarding experience. 


 In Closing 

If at any time over the course of the process you have further questions, feel free to contact a lodge member or consult our FAQ for additional information. Prince of Wales lodge takes pride in our dedication to our new applicants and members, and is dedicated to ensuring that your entrance into Masonry is a rewarding and memorable one. 


Thanks! Message sent.

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