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Where does Prince of Wales lodge meet?

Prince of Wales Lodge meets in the beautiful Weston Masonic Temple, at 2040 Weston Rd, York, ON M9N 1X4
We are accessible via TTC.

How often does the lodge meet?
We meet once a month, on the fourth Friday, excluding July and August when we go on summer break. 


What is the typical schedule for a meeting night?
The agenda may be different from month-to-month, but our night generally starts around 6:00 p.m. with drinks at our downstairs bar, followed by dinner at 6:30 p.m. and our meeting at 7:30 p.m. Members often stay afterwards for more drinks, fellowship, and conversation. 


 What is the difference between a "lodge" and a "temple"?
A “temple” is simply the physical space used for our meetings. A “lodge” is the group of Masons that operates within that space. In short, a Mason belongs to a lodge, meets at a temple. 


 Are all lodges the same?
All lodges with the A.F. & A.M. (Ancient Free and Accepted Masons) accreditation follow the laws and constitution of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario. These A.F. & A.M. lodges follow identical (or very similar) practices of Freemasonry. 

 What does A.F. & A.M. mean?
A.F. & A.M. means “Ancient Free & Accepted Masons”. This gets a little complicated, but in short, there have been different Masonic movements throughout history. “Ancient Free & Accepted Masons” are the largest Masonic group in the world, and the A.F. & A.M. distinction is an indication that the lodge with this accreditation follows the founding principles of Masonry. All lodges housed within the Toronto West Masonic Temple are A.F. & A.M, including Prince of Wales. Most non-A.F. & A.M. lodges are located outside of North America and are a limited presence. 


 Is Masonry a religion?
Definitely not! Masonry does not present itself as, nor act as religion. Rather, it is a system of morality designed to improve men’s lives through the study of ancient lessons. 


 What kind of man should become a Freemason?
This is a much different question than if a man can become a Freemason; it’s more than just the ability to meet the criteria for admission. Becoming a Mason is an indication that you are the kind of man who values history, fraternity, loyalty, and are willing to make an effort to improve yourself and your community. In your heart you probably already know if you are this kind of man and the answer may have led you here. 


 What are the requirements for becoming as Freemason?
There are four main considerations that must be met: you must be age 21 or older, a man, have a belief in a Supreme Being, and be of good standing with your community and peers. 


 Do I need to follow a specific faith to become a Freemason?
No. Masonry welcomes men of all faiths…the only requirement is that you believe in a Supreme Being, whichever or whatever it may be. 


 Will someone ask me more about my religion?
The only question that you will be asked is if you believe in a Supreme Being, presented as a “yes or no” question. You will never be asked to explain or defend your faith or given any religious “test”. 


 Are politics or religion discussed in the lodge?
We avoid discussing matters of religion and politics. The goal of Masonry is to bring men together in fraternity, and religion and politics tend to be divisive topics. Therefore, these issues are not discussed when the lodge is meeting. However, if you’re meeting with members outside the lodge and want to complain about how much tax you pay, you probably won’t be alone :) 


 Do I need to have had a relative who was a Mason?
No. Masons adhere to a non-solicitation rule, even in families, so if you’re waiting to be asked by a relative, in-law, friend, or work colleague you are probably in for a long wait! You'll need to let them know (and don't be subtle) that you are interested in finding out more. 


 What if I don’t know anyone who is a Mason?
We are finding more and more men who are exposed to Masonry not through friends or families, but through the media and the Internet. As such, you may not actually know a Mason in your community. Recognizing this, simply send us an email requesting more information and the process will be underway. 


 Are women allowed to join the lodge?
No. Our lodge is fraternal, as are all lodges with the A.F. & A.M. designation. There are other Masonic organizations that operate Sorority and Co-Masonic lodges, but they are “unrecognized” by A.F. & A.M. lodges and generally located outside of North America. 


 How old are the members of your lodge? I've heard Masons are really old...
The average age of a new member in the past two years has been 35 years old. We certainly have members who have had the honor of spending many years with our lodge, but we are tracking younger and younger each year. 


 How do I join Prince of Wales lodge?
Potential candidates may either speak directly with a member of the lodge or may contact us through this website. Please note that contacting us with questions or for more information does not obligate you in any way. If you have already decided you would like to become a member of our lodge, we can provide you with an application. 


 How long will it take to hear from the Prince of Wales lodge?
Our goal is to answer all requests for information within 24 hours. 


 What can an applicant expect when joining Prince of Wales Lodge?
All Masons go through the same process when joining a lodge; in fact, the application process has remained fairly unchanged for hundreds of years! Prince of Wales prides itself on providing an open and welcoming environment for those who choose to join with us, so you won’t be left without advice or support during the process. For more details please see our "Joining a Lodge" page. 


 I see on your page detailing the application process that you will visit my home for an interview. Do I need to prepare anything?
No, not at all. We simply want to meet with you in a place that is comfortable for you and provide you an opportunity to meet with us and ask any questions. 


 Can my family join me for my interview?
If you have family, especially a partner, we strongly encourage them to be present for the interview. Masonry always comes second to family responsibilities and it is important that loved ones have the chance to ask questions or voice any concerns. 


 I live out of town but joining a lodge in your area is convenient for me…is that allowed?
Yes, you are able to join a lodge in an area you do not actually reside in. It is up to you to honestly decide if the geographical distance from your home will allow you participate at the level you want to. Members who reside more than 100 kilometres from their lodge are eligible for a reduction in annual dues. 


 What type of time commitment would I expect to give as a member?
We meet once a month for an evening. We also hold monthly informal discussions about Masonry, meet regularly for drinks and fellowship, and visit other lodges to expand the sense of fraternity. These are voluntary events and you are welcome to attend as suits you. 


 What is the dress code in the meetings?
For most occasions the dress code is suit and tie. We do not wear casual attire (jeans or khakis) for lodge meetings, although some events do allow for less-formal wear. You’ll know in advance of each meeting the required dress code. 


 What are the fees?
There is a one-time membership fee and a requirement of annual dues: this is a standard arrangement found in most lodges. Your interview committee or lodge secretary can provide specifics during the application process. 


 Isn't Masonry supposed to be all-powerful? Why do I need to pay fees and dues?
Lodges are not funded by outside sources, but by their own members. We have overhead including rent, food, and other expenses related to the fraternity. Our goal is to provide a great fraternal experience at a cost that allows all men to participate. 


 Do lodge members do anything together outside of lodge meetings?
As brothers, we enjoy spending time with each other for matters both Masonic and non-Masonic. Many of our members get together on a regular basis for dinners, drinks, or coffee. Don’t be shy about suggesting a get-together outside of the lodge…you’ll probably find plenty of takers! 


 I’m still not sure if Masonry is for me…can I meet someone on a one-to-one basis?
We would be happy to meet with you in a casual environment to answer any questions. We have been doing this for several of our recent new members and they report that it is very beneficial to their application process. Just drop our secretary an email and we can arrange to meet with you in your area for a casual conversation about us, our lodge, and our fraternity. As always, there is no obligation until you decide that we are the right choice for you. 

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